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The Archives 

The Archives


812 Broadway ave Bowling Green,Ky 42170


Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

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About Us 

We want to be your Comic Store!! We have new and old back issues, we also carry lots of toys and statues. if you have any questions or needs just send us a message on here, shoot us a email, call or just stop by!! you never know what we will have! most of our items are one of a kind so if you see it today it might be gone tomorrow!

We are always looking to buy Comics,Toys,Pops and Other Collectibles 

What Our

Store Offers


We Carry Silver & Bronze Age Comics

We carry a variety of Silver  Bronze and modern age comics and magazines! 

We Carry Toys!

We Carry Toys from all years! You never know what we will have in stock! Most of our items are one of a kind!

We Carry Funko Pops 

We carry a variety of Funko merchandise including Funko Pops. We are an official seller through Funko! 

We Carry Brand new DC Comics

We Carry Brand new DC Comics straight from DC Comics!

We Carry Comic Book Supplies

We Carry Comic Book Supplies which includes Comic Book Bags, Boards, boxes, protectors and more!

Services Offered 

We also offer consignment and collection evaluations for you!